Frequestly asked questions about hiring our services





A regularly assigned housecleaning professional will clean your home. We sometimes pair cleaners up and in that case we will make effort to send the same 2 people to your home every time. All Dirt Detetctives Cleaning employees are uniformed, insured and bonded. Our cleaning professionals will not eat, drink, smoke or use any appliances while inside your home.







We know we must earn your trust and approval each time we visit your home. That is why Dirt Detectives Cleaning does not ask you to sign a contract. We depend on open communication

and your honest evaluation of our service. We appreciate when you let us know how we can serve you better. Please feel free to call us and talk about anything that might need tweeking, even if it might seem minor, like the way your bed is made. The more we know what makes you happy the easier it will be for us to accomplish this goal.






Our normal workdays are Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. If you will be away from the home during that time frame for work and have no real prefernece of what time your home is cleaned, rest assured it will be done during this time frame as scheduled. If you are home and have a prference due to children sleeping or conference calls we can assign you a time frame. If you prefer first thing in the morning so you are free to go about your day you will see your housecleaner between 8:00-8:30 am. If it is one cleaner they will be in your home for approxiamatley 4 hours, if it is 2 cleaners they will be there for approxiamatley 2 hours.  If you prefer later in the day we can assign you a time slot around 12:00-1:00. Cleaners working in groups of 2 arrive as late in the day as 3:00 , finishing up at 5:00. We make every effort to be as unobtrusive and convienient as possible. Just let us know what works for you and your lifestyle and we will make it happen.




 You are paying to have your house and want to reap the maximum benefit. So the time we spend in your home can be as efficient as possible, we ask that you pick up clothing, toys, or other household items. Your house cleaning price is based on the rooms you choose to have done, and we have a set routine to get those rooms cleaned thoroughly. If we are spending too much time picking up and straightenening it cuts into your true cleaning time. If you however wnat to incorporate picking up , straightening and doing dishes and laundry into your cleaning let us know and we will make it part of your regular cleaning. 








We make it a top priority to treat your home with complete care and respect. However, should damage or breakage occur while we are cleaning Dirt Detectives Cleaning will make every effort to repair or if necessary, replace the item. When appropriate we will file an insurance claim. 



No. Dirt Detectives Cleaning professionals will bring all the equipment and professional cleaning supplies. If there are certain cleaners you do/ or do not want used in your home just let us know and we will provide that for you.



Most of our customers are not home when we clean. Only the professionals who will be cleaning your home will have access to it. To insure added security, all house keys are individually coded and cross-referenced. If you choose not to provide a key and we are unable to access your home for a scheduled cleaning, you may incur a lockout fee.







If your scheduled cleaning falls on a major holiday, we will contact you to reschedule your service, and make every accomidation to make sure your home is clean and ready for the holidays. If you need to change a scheduled cleaning visit we 

appreciate a 72-hour notice. We ask that any upcoming cancellations due to planned vacations or being away from the home be given with a smuch notice as possible. Last mintue cancellations will result in a cancellation fee of $50.00








Most customers find it convenient to simply leave a check in the home, made payable to Dirt Detectives Cleaning.Payment is due on the day of each cleaning visit. We do not do billing or invoicing.If you prefer paperless bliing we can accept payment trough paypal.

Who will be cleaning my home?

How do I know I will be happy with what  I need done?

What time of day can I expect my home to be cleaned?

What do I need to do before my cleaning to get my house ready?

What if something is damaged or broken in my home while it was being cleaned?

Do I need to buy cleaning supplies or a vacuum ?

Do I need to be home when my cleaners arrive?

What if my cleaning falls on a major holiday or I need to change my cleaning day?

What form's of payment are accepted for my cleaning services?




How much does hiring a cleaning service typically cost?